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Photograph by Jordan Matter.  Visit www.dancersamongus.com to get your copy of his explosive best seller, Dancers Among Us.

The Photographs

Recently I left my dream job of thirteen years dancing for the Paul Taylor Dance Company. PTDC is one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world and about eight years ago I started photographing my fellow dancers in the wings and in rehearsal. Now that I've moved on I'm working with other dancers and dance companies to expand my portfolio and work on some creative personal projects. What I need now are eyes on my work. Through social media I've built a little bit of a following but I really want to celebrate dancers from my point of view - another dancer.

Most of my backstage work is of the Taylor dancers but recently I've been reaching out to several other dancers in my industry in order to arrange more curated shoots with a little less spontaneity. I have a passion for bringing the art into shooting dancers. Combining my two loves of photography and dance has inspired me in a different way lately. I've been asking myself the question, How do we highlight the photograph as a work of art with a dancer as the subject and tell a story with multitude of interpretations? Rather than place the dancer in a great scene and instruct them to show off their bodies? That beauty of the dancer will come out organically. I don't think we need to exploit it. So how do I bring that natural artist to the scene I'm composing? 

I'm going back to the photography greats I've grown to adore like Saul Leiter, Harry Callahan, Man Ray just to name a few for inspiration. Bringing a little abstraction to the photograph and making the observer question rather than awe at the wonder of the dancer. I'm interested in the internal not the external beauty of the dancer as an artist. I want people's reactions to be inquisitive rather than impressive.


The Rest

I'm a dancer, photographer, dance instructor, sometimes a choreographer, and creative enthusiast. Dancing started as a need to be athletic with a body that had no coordination with traditional sports involving round objects or other tools.  I earned a BFA in Dance from Stephens College for Women in 1999 and moved to New York that fall.  I danced with a number of dance companies including Ben Munesteri Dance Company, Cortez & Co. Contemporary/Ballet, Pascal Rioult Dance Theater. In the fall of 2003 Paul Taylor asked me join Taylor 2 then in 2006 I joined Paul Taylor Dance Company where I remained until the summer of 2017. In the throes of living my dream at Taylor I also discovered a deep passion and love for photography.  It began with the simple thought that living in this world of incredible dancers and a genius of our era is just too beautiful not to share with others.  I'm constantly fascinated, impressed, amused, and inspired by the talents and personalities of those I share the stage with.  Over the years some people took note of what I was doing and invited me to present my work in galleries and magazines.  My photographs of the Taylor dancers were displayed at the Harding Gallery in San Francisco and my project Piano Movers was exhibited at the Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center in New York City.  My work has also been published in Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher and, Dance Spirit.  Photographic inspiration comes from the greats like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Harry Callahan, Yousuf Karsch, Saul Leiter just to name a few.  

As a dance instructor I have taught domestically and internationally in addition to being on staff at the Taylor School and a guest instructor in BFA programs in universities.  My choreographic work has been showcased in New York and on BFA students at university programs.

I'm always looking for ways to keep myself creative whether it's teaching a class, taking a photograph, or imagining a new dance.  The creative mind is the happy and healthy mind. I believe that we are all inherently capable of creative talent. It's whether or not we have the patience and dedication to nurture that talent that makes our craft communicable to our society. In expressing ourselves in ways words cannot, we have the opportunity to connect and find common ground on the most fundamental differences. In this way we not only heal ourselves but we also give a little bit of love and learn to live in a world populated with diversity.  

For print inquiries please contact me!  absolutecisco@gmail.com

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