hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 4: Brandon

Brandon seemed very reluctant to have his picture taken. I asked him some questions and took a couple shots trying to loosen him up. He just recently moved to Portland to live with his girlfriend.  He told me he earned his degree but writing this eight days later I don't recall what it was.  He was in the back of the coffe shop and got busy with something else shortly after a couple of shots. He came back to the front only when new customers came in and by then our connection was lost. I felt like the stalky creepy camera guy and left with my friend Nicole who I was having coffee with. Fortunately I got the model release signed and filled out before he got to busy for me. Thanks so much Brandon for being a good sport!

Location: Portland, OR