hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 6: Stacey

Coolest person. I could've hung out with her all day long. Unfortunately we were both trying to get to our gates at DFW.  She was on her way to Vancouver. I was flying to new Orleans.  She'd just spent three weeks in Costa Rica. Lucky girl. Her boyfriend was still there but she had to return to work. I told her I was just coming from Portland and she went on about how much more she liked it compared to Seattle. I agreed. I told her the last time I was in Vancouver I smoked the finest weed I'd ever had. Her eyes lit up and asked if I went to [name of place I can't remember]. I said it sounded awesome but I wasn't there when I smoked it. She walked me to my gate as she was on her way to hers and we said our goodbyes.

Location: DFW United Airlines Terminal