hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 10: Betsy

I shot Betsy after being floored and inspired by the Chagall exhibit at the DMA. She was living in Tennessee and was down for a trip with a group of other art history majors. I noticed her several minutes earlier because she walked in the hall with wide eyes and a smile on her face. It was as if she'd entered a surprise party and all the guests were 19th and 20th century paintings. She greeted them all one by one with a smile and a short conversation. There weren't many people around so I surprised her from one of her conversations and asked if I could take her picture. She promptly said yes. It was her party after all. I have to mention that at his point I was growing frustrated with the fact that I was shooting almost everyone vertically so I made a conscious effort to shoot her horizontally. She couldn't spend much time with me so  I snapped a few really quick shots and had her fill out the model release then gave her my ticket to the Chagall exhibit and urged her to go.

Location: Dallas Museum of Art