hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 19: Manny

Five "no's".  Five people declined a portrait today.  Five.  Earlier in the day I actually shot a pair of brothers but when I came home to edit them I realized they were far to out of focus to bother posting them.  So I set out again...

Manny was hanging out waiting for a friend to pick him up so they could drive back to Montreal together. He was in for a long drive and I caught him just as he walked out of one of my favorite sandwich shops in Brooklyn.  He was stashing away for the ride.  I explained to him in our introductory conversation that I was a modern dancer and he became suddenly very interested because as he put it he loved modern dance.  I suggested he check out a couple theaters next time he was here and he said he'd look into Taylor.   We had a good chat about the awesome-ness of Brooklyn and Montreal.  Very cool cat.  

Footnote:  There is an major flaw in this picture that I'm not really happy about.  I won't come out and advertise but I'm learning to be a little more careful as I go along.