hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 110: Danielle (or The Animal Angel)

This bird was rescued by Danielle in the street after she spotted it walking with a limp wing and leg.  With her knowledge as an animal nurse and a little help from the interwebs she force fed him for three days back to health.   

"Where will you release him?" 

"In the park.  I think that's as good a place as any to release him." 

I kept calling her an animal angel after hearing her rescue stories and a life devoted to the well being of distressed animals.  She runs a shop on Union St. between Nevins and 3rd Ave called Green Pup which is currently under the name Yuppy Puppy.  Pop in and say hi to her someday.  She loves visits from humans also and her animals are full of love.