hat's this all about? It's an ambitious personal project to make a portrait of a someone I've never met before in my life every day for the span of one year.

Stranger 163: Lou

Name change here...Lou is a typical blue collar worker in Brooklyn. This guy had Brooklyn in his blood.  You can tell just by talking to him.  He had no accent which I found interesting.  There was just something about him.

Stranger 157: Richard

Richard is the general manager for the Billionaire Boys Club in Soho.  I don't know if it's billionaire prices but he seemed like a down to earth and pretension-less dude.  I'd go check it out.

Stranger 156: John

Ok, for anyone following you'll know that I've fallen several days behind.  I'm catching up as best as I can but there's been a lot of life stuff being thrown at me and I've let it affect this process.  Next time I have a big chunk of a day off I'm going to shoot several people in one day.  I'm actually looking forward to a day of stranger portraits.   

This is John.  He's an organ instructor on the lower east side.  Very close to the Taylor studios.  Incidentally we got off at the same stop in Brooklyn and walked down the same street.  I think he lives two blocks from me.  

Stranger 155: Alex

I was in Chelsea to check out the art openings and ran into this quirky exhibit at a Getty gas station.  Click here for more information on the exhibit of "epoxy stone and bronze 'Moutons',...the largest collection to ever be shown publicly in an outdoor presentation. 

Alex was a guard.  He stood inside the installation and kept people from running around in the grass and around the sculptures.  You really have to see this for yourself.  The address is 239 10th Avenue.   

Stranger 154: Arugula

Ok. It's not her real name but she wanted me to use a fake one.  This was her suggestion.  This was taken minutes before a performance I was in at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.  She actually had tickets to see the show! 


Stranger 152: Andrea

Andrea is also a photographer.  "Should I put my sunglasses on?"  "Sure."  We both knew this was going to be very contrasty because it was 8pm and the sun had been gone for a while.   

I'm taking a risk here technically.  I'm not nuts about the result here but I want it to live a couple of days and see what I think.  Given the challenges I think I could've done a better job but I like some of the drama.    

Stranger 151: Harris

I stopped Harris before going to see a benefit concert in my friend's honor in Brooklyn.  Turns out he was going to the same place.  Harris is Pakistani but went to an American school in Saudi Arabia where he became a naturally sounding english speaker.  He's now a software engineer designing apps for a fitness company.   

Stranger 150: Sarah

Sarah teaches kindergarten at a public school in the neighborhood.  School started this Monday and she says this is the hardest time for her.  It's the time when she has to make order out of chaos.  A simple instruction like 'push your chair in when you walk away from your table' is where it starts. But, she says, by the end of the year they've grown so much that she forgets that they started out as these little timid children.

Stranger 149: Deirdre

Deirdre was walking around my neighborhood making sure everyone voted in the primaries today. (9/10/2013) If you hadn't gone yet you can bet she'd be the one to get you to vote for Bill DeBlasio.

Stranger 145: Rosa

Rosa just came from the Depeche Mode concert at the Barclay's Center.  She and her husband were having a drink at the Canal Bar afterwards when I caught her fifteen minutes before midnight.  Phew!

Stranger 144: Kelly

Kelly just wanted some privacy while she hung out with her friends in Union Square. She was open enough to let me take her picture though.  As long she could stay in her box.