"but there's only one search: wandering." -Rumi

Early Phone Call

445am?!  I'm late for a phone call!  I know I set my alarm for 345am but now it's an hour later and I hope he's still indoors.  

Everyone knows that if you want to call my boss for a short conversation the prime time to reach him is at 3 or 4am.  He's fond of watching the sunrise.  When I got him on the phone at 5am I was relieved to hear he was happy to talk.  My order of business was quite simple.  Tell him about the website I built on wordpress and see if he'd mind if I published it.  When he said yes I was overjoyed.  I'm not sure if he knows how happy it made me.  To be allowed to photograph Paul Taylor's dances is an honor.  To further have his approval to publish it on a personal website so that anyone can view it any time of day is a bestowal of grand proportions.  Thank you so much Paul Taylor.  I'm truly grateful.