"but there's only one search: wandering." -Rumi

Vail International Festival

I'll never forget the rewarding experience of dancing on the same bill as so many other talented and accomplished people.  If you haven't experienced dancing in altitude specifically Vail at 8,000+ feet, the sense of accomplishment at the end of a program is magnified in unquantifiable amounts.  Every breath is shorter because the oxygen is reduced significantly at that altitude.  Our brains need O2 more than our bodies at a certain point of physical exertion.  If you don't take a few moments with that oxygen tank you're bound to start feeling a little out of sorts when your body is giving its all on stage.  Incidentally it also happened to be one of the coolest summers on record for Vail. I vividly recall seeing the co2 fall out of our mouths at the opening of Company B and in other still moments throughout the evening.  However, despite the lack of oxygen and warmth, this festival is always a highlighted event in my life at Taylor, indeed as a dancer.   

The following shots were taken from backstage on the night of the world premieres.  Due to the obstacles of sight lines I had a very limited range of where I could shoot and not be seen by a majority of the audience. 

Tiler Peck in the world premiere of Canvas choreographed by Larry Keigwin and performed by Keigwin + Company with guests from the New York City Ballet.

Ashley Browne (Keigwin + Company) and Lauren Lovette (Soloist, New York City Ballet)

Robert Fairchild (Principal, New York City Ballet) and Kile Hotchkiss (Keigwin + Company)

Sorry I cut off your arm Robbie.  Sight lines, yea know. 

Lil Buck 

Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck perform an excerpt from Paul Taylor's Airs as guests of the Paul Taylor Dance Company's full evening of dances.