"but there's only one search: wandering." -Rumi

My Siblings

To say these people are just my siblings doesn't really hold them up to the esteem that I've always had for them.  The three people in this photograph with me are my reason for living.  As are their children.  From left to right here's who they are:

Maricela (aka, Memps, Memis, Memp, Mari) is my twin.  Not really but I have never been so connected with any other human being the way I am with this sister.  We get each other on a very profound level.  We've often had moments where we've called each other in the same hour to discuss a strange dream only to find out it's the same dream.  I mean. It's just weird.  She's one of the strongest yet most delightful people you'll ever meet.  The Beatles once said, "All You Need is Love."  My sister embodies that expression.

Rus, although he is so different from me in so many ways I still look up to him as a role model.  This man has been through some really challenging moments in his life and I've always seen him come away from them a more beautiful spirit and man.  He took care of Maricela and I when we were little and taught us to be tough and silly even when things didn't look so good.  I blame him for my obsession with Star Wars.  He's a great thinker and curious mind.  His passion and will to educate himself in everything that interests him make him a remarkable human being.  He's also one of the funniest and most charming people I've ever known.

Cora (aka Goz) has always been the brainiac of our rag tag crew.  I always knew there was something special about the only blonde sibling.  We teased her about her blonde hair often but the truth was that she had an incredibly gifted mind.  Still does.  She was our baby sitter for the most part growing up.  She used to make us play in the living room and lock herself up in our (Maricela and I) bedroom.  She'd come out and say, "Look, your stuffed animals cleaned your room and now their coloring."  We'd walk in to an immaculate bedroom.  Our toys held crayons in their paws or clutches with a coloring book in their lap or at a desk, half of the picture colored in.  She always loved making us happy.  

I'm the proud brother of three incredibly talented and beautiful siblings.  Just thought you should know...Don't worry mom.  There's a picture on the way.