"but there's only one search: wandering." -Rumi

Pictures Talk: Five

One of my favorite dances in the Taylor rep, Speaking in Tongues, will never lose its relevancy in our world.  The beautifully crafted dance and the genius costume and set design by the Tony award winner Santo Loquasto transports the dancers to a frightening and dogmatic community.  Below is James Samson. Speaking in Tongues was premiered in 1991 and choreographed by Paul Taylor. Image

Pictures Talk: Three

Last Saturday Heroes Die, the new and inventive rock band, played at Fontana's.  I was allowed to sneak around and practice shooting in low light.  This is one of the shots I grabbed last week.  "Like" Heroes Die on Facebook then go check them out at Fat Baby. Saturday, August 25th at 930pm.  You will not be disappointed.  Great lyrics, great music and features two bad ass Taylor dancers. Image

Pictures Talk: One

Welcome to the first of what should be an ongoing series describing the madness behind lens.  I realized that I got so excited about putting all of my work up at once that people might visit it once but why would you want to come back?  My guess is that if I regularly write about this nutty stuff that I do you'll keep checking in. ImageSo here we go...I thought I'd start with this series of images from Paul Taylor's Last Look. This was one of the first dances I ever shot when we were tech-ing at City Center in 2009.  I had recently bought my first DSLR, the Canon Rebel XS and a basic zoom lens.  Not fully understanding the technique of shutter speed and aperture I did whatever I could just to get something recognizable.  I realized that if I made the aperture really small and slowed down the shutter speed I could get some of these to look sort of impressionistic.  I actually liked it better than the frozen stills that I was seeing elsewhere.  I love playing with this way of shooting.