"but there's only one search: wandering." -Rumi

Back from Conway and Houston.

It's Sunday afternoon and we have just arrived from a brief weeklong tour in Conway, AR and Houston, TX.  Phew that was a long one considering we only had two shows in a week. But we're back in rehearsal tomorrow because yea know...We don't like to take breaks.  This was a particularly special tour for me.  I had a chance to see an old friend in Arkansas and we danced to live music in Houston.  The Mercury Orchestra conducted by Antoine Plante gave us one of the most memorable and hauntingly beautiful versions of Elgar's Elegy, the music Paul Taylor used for his dance Sunset.  They also played Handel for Airs and Bach for Esplanade as if Paul Taylor himself were conducting.  We can't thank them enough for the work they put into making the dances that much more rich.  

I danced only in Esplanade in TX so I had a chance to relax and shoot these guys during rehearsal and the show.  Here's some fun stuff I grabbed: 

Sean Mahoney with the Sunset set.

Eran Bugge in Sunset

Michael Novak

Michael Apuzzo rehearsing Sunset during intermission.

Sean Mahoney reviewing Sunset.